About Me

My name is Masaharu. I’m from a small town near Tokyo in Japan. 🙂

I am a digital nomad, traveling around Europe while I work as a freelancer. I can work from anywhere with laptop and wifi.

From April, I started journey in Europe 🙂

I work as a freelancer and help international companies to enter and succeed in the Japanese market by translating and marketing.

My bucket list of little things

  • Eat a giant ostrich egg.
  • Eat surströmming, the Smelliest Food In The World.
  • Play hide and seek in IKEA.
  • Get hypnotized.
  • Grow a beard to 30cm long.
  • Send a drink to a beautiful girl (probably a friend because I’m shy) in a bar like in the movies.
  • Travel in India on the roof of a train.
  • Go to a country in hyperinflation like Zimbabwe in 2010 and fill a car, bath or bed with money like this.
  • Get in a taxi in a black suit and yell “follow that car!”
  • Give the homeless a suit, a book (and/or some) money to get a job like in movie “Pay it Forward”.

Facts about me

About me

Me working in Prague at CouchSurfing host’s place

(This is going to be on the test! )

  • I am an introvert but I am good at acting like an extrovert.
  • I like taking photos. My camera is an Olympus Pen EL. My instagram is masaharuh.
  • I am a huge fan of movies, watched more than 500 movies.
  • I like “aha!” feeling and “wow!” feeling. You know, like when you figure out the mechanics or logic of something or solve a puzzle.
  • I practice playing the guitar and water color painting. It’s still not very enjoyable, but I love the imagination of playing guitar and painting during my travels.
  • I’m extremely calm. People never see me angry or excited.
  • I cannot dance. In Japan, clubbing is not common, but I want to be better at dancing.
  • I cannot drink even for Japanese standards.
  • I’m a coffee addict. Seriously, I simply cannot function without it.
  • I eat a lot of sweets.
  • I’m planning to buy a huge traditional house in Japan with a garden and a secret ninja room.
  • I like cooking, but I hate baking.

What I am doing with my life.

Being a digital nomad and working as a freelancer for just in the morning sounds like the perfect life, but I have struggles just like anybody else.

Being a freelancer means more freedom. More freedom means more decision. More decision means more stress. There is a lot to think about..

  • Do I want to continue freelancing?
  • What kind of strategy do i take this year to grow my business?
  • Do I want to start a company?
  • Do I want to start a guest house?
  • I really want a girlfriend, but it’s so hard to have long-term relationship.
  • What I am doing with my life? I wish I had an answer for that.

I am travelling

In March, I will start my 9 months journey through Europe 🙂 I am looking for people to hang out with while in Europe, and to go to non-tourist places. I like imagining what it would be like to live in a place through which I travel.

I will fly to Athens from Tokyo. From there I will go by bus or train to Greece, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. From Estonia I take a ship to Helsinki and go north to Norway and Sweden. From Malmö in Sweden, I go to Denmark. Then I don’t know. I really want to go to Berlin and Regensburg again. I want to go Dublin and Iceland. I want to go to Western European countries, too. I hope I have time for that.

What this blog is about?

This blog isn’t about budget travelling, partying all night, being outdoors all the time.

This is about how to be a nomad while strategically developing your career, enjoying travelling slowly with an average budget, and enjoying travelling when you cannot drink, dance or swim or if you are not athletic, or very outgoing.

But, to be completely honest, this blog is mostly for saving tax. Income tax is imposed on profit, not on sales. Higher the cost is lower the tax is. Writing travel blog and trying to make money makes my travel expenses business expenses which is cost of my business. I am not very “hey! look my cool nomad life” kind of person.

Anyway, thank you for reading. I hope you will find my blog useful 🙂

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I have some Facebook group and organize small events with my friends in Japan.
Check this out. Tokyo Beginner Photography meetup

I am looking for friends to hang out in Tokyo or Kanagawa area, and people to hang out with in Europe when I travel there 🙂