How to maintain your sanity in excruciatingly boring flight

I hate being bored. Nobody likes being bored., but I am confident that if there is any measurement for tolerance to boredom is less than 10% of average. Boredome actually lowers my Sanity Points.

Surviving flights is a big challenge for me, but so far I managed to my flights comfortable by tricking myself.

1. Man-cave during flights

I’m not a big gamer, but playing SFC and first Playstation games that I used to play relaxes me. They are not challenging but I already played them once. They let me touch my inner child. So it’s kind of man-caving.

Final Fantasy 6, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy tactics are my ‘nostalgic games7’. Playing them lowers my stress.

iPad is a great console for playing old games. You can charge with mobile battery. It’s light. You can use it for map and for other travel app, so no extra luggage unlike Nintendo DS or PSP.

2. Write blog posts for your nomad blog

Honestly, I don’t particularly enjoy writing nomad blog. I do it for mostly saving tax. If I write blog, I can make travel expense a business expense. Lower profit, lower income.

Writing blog is a kind of work to me. Airplane is a very good place to write blog posts on my notebook, because writing blog does not need internet connection.

3. Read book or study

No wifi means less distraction.

Save whatever you need to read in kindle, pocket, evernote, dropbox, or google drive. You will have offline access to files so that you can book, blog posts, or watch movies.

To be honest, with all tricks, it’s still hard for me to fight stress. Let me know if you have any other solution πŸ™‚