Warsaw for introvert digital nomads

In 2016, I was travelling around Europe from the beginning of September to the end of November. Warsaw in Poland was one of my destinations. I was travelling through Prague, Wroclaw, Gdansk and then on to Warsaw. It was mid-October and the air was already a little fresh while the leaves were turning brown and yellow. It was unfortunate weather in Warsaw, always cloudy or foggy and sometime raining.

The people I met in Wroclaw and Gdansk told me that Warsaw is not so good because many of the buildings have been rebuilt or replaced. However, they were rebuilt after WW2 in 19th century style and look very nice to me.

There are plenty of places to see. Food there is of a decent quality and reasonably priced. If you go to Poland, no matter what locals say, you should visit Warsaw.

Must eat in Warsaw – Pierogi (Polish Dumpling)

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Zapiecek is a restaurant that serves traditional Polish foods, mainly for tourists, but also for locals. I went there with locals and they said it was pretty good.

Pierogi is a traditional Polish dumplings with stuffed meat, vegetables and cheese inside. You can eat it fried or boiled.

At Zapiecek, you can order different kinds of Pierogi per piece.

Neon Museum

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The Neon Museum is a very underrated hidden tourist attraction that even locals don’t know well. It has so many neon signs from Poland’s cold war era. You never get to see Neon signs so close in any other place because they are usually hung up high.

Praga is the East side of Warsaw. Most tourists attractions are on the West side across the Warsaw Bridge. Some locals say Praga is a dangerous area. I did see more homeless people in Praga, although I never felt unsafe.

Green coffee Nero for breakfast

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Green Coffee Nero is a popular coffee franchise in Warsaw and it is definitely cozier than Starbucks!

As a franchise it is not particularily unique but it has good internet and decent sandwiches. Coffee is just fine. If you are not the adventurous type to try a local cafe, and prefer Starbucks or something you known, Green coffee might be a good place for you.

Palace of Culture and Science

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Palace of Culture and Science is by the main train station of Warsaw. You can have a panorama view of the whole city when the weather is nice. Unfotunately I didn’t go there because of the weather 🙁

Around this area there is a nice shopping arcade, theater and tourist information center.

Wilanow park and palace

Wilanow palace and it’s park is a little out of center. You’ll need to take a bus to get there from city center. I did not have a chance to go inside, but it looks nice in there from a distance.

Light installations at the park, The King’s Magic Garden, makes for a stunning view. Unfortunately I didn’t go there because, well, I presumed that there would be so many happy couples and I didn’t want to feel miserable for being single 😀

King's Magic Garden - Wilanów garden
Photo credited to The Wilanow Palace Museum

Level Up – Bar

Level Up – Gaming Bar is a nice gaming center in Warsaw. They have a lot of games, consoles, alcoholic drinks and snacks. I went there with students who study Japanese in Warsaw. We tried a game that was something like the “Street Fighter” but more bloody. I’m not really a gamer though it was fun trying new video games.

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