Daiyuzan Saijoji Temple is the perfect place to feel a little Zen

Both spiritual and majestic with hardly a trace of tourism, Daiyuzan Saijo-ji is located in the mountain forests of Odawara’s Hakone. Getting there is not particularily easy but trust me, that’s all the more reason you should visit.

Beautiful in any season.

Daiyuzan is covered with Momiji, Ume and Sakura trees (and moss) which are the top 3 most beautiful trees’ in Japan’s natural world. The Momiji is a Japanese maple that turns red in autumn; Sakura is a cherry tree that blooms beautiful, pink flowers in April; Ume is Japanese apricot tree that blooms beautiful, light pink flowers in March.

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Detox from urban technological pollution.

I am not really a religious kind of guy but serenity and tranquility make me feel as though my soul has been cleansed and my brain has experiened a period of detox from all the technology and pressures of work – its like deleting data from the cache when your brain is full!

Zen is not so much a religion anyway but rather a path towards freeing the human mind from reoccuring thoughts and karmic baggage. The holistic ambiance and tranquility makes Daiyuzan the perfect place to feel Zen, allowing you to release and simply be in peace.

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Access to Daiyuzan

Take the Odakyu Odawara Line (rapid train) to Odawara Station. From there, transfer to the Izu Hakone Tetsudo Daiyuzan Line and get off at Daiyuzan Station which is the last stop of the line. The bus station is right next to the train station. Take the bus heading to Daiyuzan Saijōji and get off at Daiyuzan Saijōji Temple. From Tokyo Station it takes about two hours.


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