Digital Nomad traveling around Europe in need of nomad and local friends


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Hi 🙂

My name is Masaharu. I’m from a small town near Tokyo in Japan. 🙂

I am a digital nomad, traveling around Europe while I work as a freelancer. I can work from anywhere with laptop and wifi.

From April, I started journey in Europe 🙂

About me


I work as a freelancer and help international companies to enter and succeed in the Japanese market by translating and marketing. Here is my website.

  • I am an introvert, but I am good at acting like an extrovert.
  • I enjoy intellectual conversation.
  • I like taking photos. My camera is an Olympus Pen EL. My instagram is masaharuh. I know. Asian with camera is so cliche.
  • Japanese people are calm. We don’t yell. I’m extremely calm even for Japanese standard. People never see me angry or excited.
  • I am really just a regular guy. Stereotype of nomads are backpackers, laptop and beach, partying all nights, living in a moment, but I am not like any of those. I care about my career, I want to settle someday, I want to have wife and kids, I have money in my bank account, I would not mind stop travelling if I need to.

You will find more about me on my profile.

I want to meet digital nomads and local people

I want to meet local people, go to non-touristic places, learn the cultures, and talk about lives.

One of the best experience I had with local people was talking about gender minorities in Italy with my couchsurfing host. My host was a gay couple and we watched Loose Cannon, (original title is Mine vagant). We had a long intellectual conversation.

I want to meet digital nomads. I have never met fellow digital nomads yet in my life.

I am looking for couchsurfing hosts

With high speed and stable internet because I have to work everyday and sometime I have skype meetings 🙁

In exchange I can cook Japanese food. I used to work at restaurants 🙂

My upcoming travel plan

September 2nd to 16th : Minsk

September 16 to 30th : Vilnius

September 30th to October 21th : Riga

October 21th to November 18th : Estonia

Then Finland, Sweden, and Norway to see northen lights.

My coming travel plan

My travel is not really a “plan”. I usually decide where to go 2-3 days before leaving a travel destination.

I usually travel very slowly. If TripAdvisor says that 2-3 days is enough a place, I would stay a week. Sometime I even stay more than a month.

My travel plan is entering Europe from Athens, and slowly go north, wandering around all countries on the way. When I reach north end of Eastern Europe, Estonia, I take ship to visit Scandinavian countries.

After that, I slowly want to go to UK, Ireland and Iceland.

Then I slowly go south until I reach Portugal.



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