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Krakow is like Kyoto in Japan: there are many tourists who visit the capital Tokyo but locals will always recommend Kyoto. Krakow is the first city that Polish people have recommended me to visit.

Many Polish cities were severely damaged during World War II and you can trace back the list of places on Wikipedia, for example, 90% of Gdyna and 85% of Warsaw were destroyed.

List of Polish cities damaged in World War II
Find more about it on Wikipedia.

Krakow isn’t one of them. Even though it is the biggest city in Southern Poland it remained almost untouched throughout the war and is truly beautiful!

Although the rating of Krakow by is only 5.8 points (it also says that the internet is bad) I didn’t find it hard to work there at all. You just need to find an Airbnb or hostel with good internet.

U Babci Maliny is the loveliest restaurant. You must go!

U Babci Maliny, a traditional polish restaurant, serves relatively large portions of food for a very reasonable price. It’s a small place in the old city center by the national theater and is close to main station.

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Krakow Castle – Wawel Castle

Krakow Castle is very unique as far as castles’ go due to the fact that many in Europe have been rebuilt numerous times, usually completely torn down and recontructed to be much larger. This is rather like upgrading your computer from Windows7 to Windows10: it ends up looking completely different. Krakow castle is more like adding a plugin, adding buildings to make the castle bigger.

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Bazylika Mariacka is the main church of Krakow and is located in the heart of the old city center. Unfortunately, I could not get a good photo of the inside because it was dark and I didn’t have a tripod 🙁

Bazylika Mariacka has an interesting, colorful design inside and I would love to go back there purely to take better photos.

Bazylika Mariacka

Bazylika Mariacka krakow
photo by PolandMFA

Kopiec Kościuszki

The mound itself is not so much unique or beautiful but the view would be very spectacular if seen when the sky is clear. The walk from the city center to the mound through forests would have been a beautiful experience. What a shame it was too cloudy when I went there! 🙁

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Kopiec Kościuszki would be the best viewpoint in Krakow.

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