Krakow best cafes for introverts and bookworms


krakow cafe for introvert nomad

In 2016, I was travelling around Europe from the beginning of September to the end of November. Krakow in Poland was one of my destinations. I travelled through Prague, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Warsaw and then to Krakow. While I was in Krakow, I also went to Budapest in Hungary.

I stayed in Krakow for very long time. Usually I stay in a city for a week to 10 days, maximum two weeks. I stayed at Krakow for nearly a month because it’s very cozy there.

I have to say it’s not the best town for budget travelling digital nomads because there aren’t many nomad-friendly cafe with high speed internet and plugs, but I found a few nice cafes for working or just relaxing.

Massolit Books & Café

massolit book cafe krakow

Massolit Books & Café is a cozy cafe for bookworms. If you like the atmosphere of a library or live-in house with giant book shelves, then this is definitely the place to go for coffee in Krakow. It seems many expats go there too – I heard people speaking in English.

Café Szafé

You just need to check photos of Café Szafé. The atmosphere of the cafe is just so unique. The walls and furniture are nicely painted in vivid colors with a little dark shade.

It was nice to travel with friends 🙂 #CafeSzafe #CaféSzafé #Krakow #Poland #cafe

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Karmello is a popular chocolatier brand in Krakow. They have both chocolate shops and cafes. It’s a really popular place though you might find it a bit too crowded. For a person like me who likes to have plenty of personal space, I don’t recommended staying for too long.

BUT!!!… The chocolate is delicious while not being super expensive. Living cost in Krakow is not as high as in the Western Europe. If you are from, for example, Switzerland, you will find it almost foolish to buy chocolates in your country, because it’s so cheap in Krakow.

Chocolate is divine 🙂 #Krakow #Cracow #Poland #nomad #chocolate

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Wesoła Cafe

Wesoła Cafe is, in my opinion, too ‘cool’ a place. “Instagram selfieing” type place rather than an introvert nomad like myself.

However, the coffee and cakes are great, the internet is pretty fast and it’s very close to the main train station.

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