Kiev – I need vacation from vacation!


I’ve started traveling in April this year. I have been kind of busy traveling around. I like traveling but I love staying at home and watch movies. I am not a outgoing person.
Kiev was a perfect place to take a vacation from vacation and focus on work. Well…I didn’t actually take vacation, because I was working but it was like a vacation because I was working less during busy travel.

Kiev is, to be honest, not the most attractive tourism destination. I am not saying there is nothing to see, it’s just a little inconvenient because….

  1. I didn’t see DM, Tesco, Rossman, Carrefour, Kaufland, and other super market franchise. I felt Ukraine is not a part of western European economy.
  2. I could not find free tourist information centers which give free tourist maps.
  3. There is no city center with church and square. Places to see are scattered around.

But it’s really good place to say for very long time as a digital nomad, because it’s super cheap!!

Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine in Pyrogiv village

Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine in Pyrogiv village is a big park in the south of Kiev with old wooden houses and windmills. It’s a good place for portrait photos, too.

Churche buildings that are neither gothic or baroque

I like architectures. They are beautiful. Even ugly ones are beautiful in a way. Kiev has both ugly communistic buildings which makes you feel you are in a post-apocalyptic movie and beautiful churches.

Ukrainians are religious people. There are many churches all around the city. Check out google map and book mark them so that you don’t miss.

1km long flea market

Petrivka is a 1km-long flea market that you can get anything from vintage books, antiquities, military goods, hand crafts, second hand clothes, bicycle, some random tools for manufacturing equipment.

I got many vintage cameras.

Got a vintage camera!!!!! #VintageCamera #ビンテージカメラ

Masaharu Hayataki (早瀧正治)さん(@masaharuh)がシェアした投稿 –

#VintageCamera #ビンテージカメラ

Masaharu Hayataki (早瀧正治)さん(@masaharuh)がシェアした投稿 –

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