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In 2016, I was travelling around Europe from the beginning of September to the end of November. Gdansk was one of my destinations. I was travelling from Prague, Wroclaw and then to Gdansk. It was mid-October and the air was already a little fresh while the leaves were brown and yellow.

Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot are together called “Tricity”. It’s a metropolitan area in Poland consisting of the three cities and they are situated by the coast and bay areas.

My impression is that Gdansk is underrated. It is a small but beautiful old town with a nice beach as well as great cafes and restaurants, but I didn’t see so many tourists. In Warsaw and Krakow, I saw more tourists even though it’s more off season.

Market in Gdansk

On the first night at Gdansk, I went to a language event of CouchSufring. There were more than 20-30 people. They were all very welcoming and some of us decided to do a sushi party. We went to an open-air market and had a make-your-own sushi home party.

Make your own sushi party at Gdansk in 2016. I want to do it again in other cities.  #Gdansk #Sushi #couchsurfing #nomad #Travel

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Sopot: beach and party area

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Sopot is a nice beach area. From what I heard, it’s also a party area in summer. For me, as an introvert who cannot drink much and hates crowds, winter is the perfect season to enjoy the nice beach view.

Old town of Gdansk

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Old town in Gdansk is quite small but it is unique. Gdansk and its neighboring cities were international cities back in ancient times. A lot of architects from Germany and other counties came to Gdansk. It feels like you are in a theme park of old buildings in Europe, at least, to non-European eyes.

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In Gdansk, you find lots of amber shops. Supposedly those are cheap in Gdansk.

Nomad Friendly Cafe in Gdansk

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Cafe Drukarnia has many kinds of coffee. I tried siphon coffee and hot chocolate. I am a big coffee fan. Siphon coffee there was really good. It has high speed internet, cool design and good coffee.

More photos of Gdansk

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