Top 5 Digital Nomad friendly cafes in Prague that only locals know

cafe fra

Prague and I have a history. I lived there for many years and had my fair share of dramas…. One of them was starting my business as a freelancer. The first year of freelancing is really tough!

I went to many coffee shops in Prague, especially around I.P. Pavlova, a place I used to live.

Prague has many a nice cafe for digital nomads. There are numerous Starbucks’ but don’t go there… You can do better.

Cafe Fra

cafe fra
Photo by Ondřej Lipár

Nowadays, you can’t smoke anywhere.

I smoke occasionally. Cafe Fra is a one of the rare cafes that has the internet, plugs and ash trays. Waitresses are very friendly and they speak English too. You can pay with credit card.

If you are a digital nomad smoker, this is the best place to work from in Prague without a doubt.

Kavárna Pražírna

photo by FLOB

Kavárna Pražírna is a very popular cafe among real coffee lovers. A wonderful place to sit down and enjoy your coffee and dessert. It is cozy, warm and has a welcoming atmosphere along with a nice interior.
If you are around IP Pavlova area, don’t go to starbucks. Two of the best cafes are within walking distance of the IP Pavlova metro stop.

IF Cafe

IF Cafe Prague
photo by barbora drasnarova

This is the another great cafe around IP Pavlova. Desserts at IF Cafe are like pieces of artwork. The beautiful french style interior is also very nice but you won’t even notice it because the sweets are so beautiful. Everything there is a little bit more expensive than your average cafe in Prague but still affordable for digital nomads.


cafedu prague
photo by Storyous

Cafedu is a coworking and co-studying space. The ground floor is a cafe and the upstairs is a coworking space. You can use the coworking space with stable and fast WiFi 20Mbit/3Mbit 500 CZK a month, and it’s available around the clock.

Cukrárna Saint Tropez

Cukrárna Saint Tropez
photo by

Cukrárna Saint Tropez is one of the oldest cafe in Prague. A family has been running it for more than eight decades. The design of the place is not so good, but it’s in the center of Prague and their cakes are just perfect!
A perfect place to buy gifts for your loved ones.

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